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Name: Lauren .. (..rene..)
Age: Fif-teen
Ten Bands of Choice: cursive, 25$ massacre, norma jean, bleeding through, yeah yeah yeah's, pretty girls make graves, a hint of red, as i lay dying, the kingston affair, the used .?.?.
Who You Will Promote Us To: secksie people..but of corse.
Why do you think you're hot?: umm... if oyu want me to be : )
Pictures: and here is tha me!..

my milkshake brings all the boys to the yard..   :O


my eyes! and my a-some make up abilities! haha.... j/k!!

i loke my 3 hour fro.haha.. hard work showin off haha.

i can shake MY ass better then britney spears!!!!!! ya.

like me yet??!?!?! ... ON NO!! ...guess not..

playing in the rain!




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i love you dear.

i love your make-up.
i'm jealous.

thanks..and oh i love you too ;)
wow. no.
i think fuck no is too nice.
its like you intentionally try to make yourself ugly?
that make would maybe look cooler if it wasnt purple?
it looks like you have bags under your eyes...
but hey that pink belt is pretty awesome.
wow that eye makeup.
from far away it really looks like youre dead.
not good.
maybe its because of the color.
but i dont know.
its not hot.

i cant really comment on anything else
because that makeup scares me.
but get new eye makeup. <3
sowwwy. not hot.
hahahahaha i love it!!! and if you think i wear that shit i dont but the second girl..i like my belt too..
your application was fucking annoying.
the milkshake thing is old. shut up.
your eyebrows are the ugliest thing i've ever seen.

The sex_show has spoken.