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Name: angie
Age: 16
Ten Bands of Choice: the blood brothers, the mars volta, norma jean, bleeding through, evertime i die, horse the band, the bled, underoath, the locust, le shok
Who You Will Promote Us To: acousticscreams
Why do you think you're hot?: i have sexy hair, black shit around my eyes, tight pants, and a pretty face...

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your hair is ugly.
your make up is messed up, and thicker on the bottom than the top. asdfkjasdl;fk.
plus you arent pretty.

+good bands.

no no no no
youd be gorgeous if you used conditioner, and wore less eye liner. but untill then no.
you look like you're trying to be one of the olsen twins. and you listen to le shok.
you and your eyeliner can lick my ass.
no. underoath eats it.