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[[i'm dressed up for free drinks and family greetings on your wedding date]]

now that i have been pretty inactive.
my apologies.
i've just been really busy with work and stuff.

but i just wanted to let everyone know that i wont be home for the next 10 days. i'm going to ucla soo.. I'LL SEE ALL OF YOU AWESOME PEOPLE WHEN I GET BACK.

AAAHH!! i'm scared. i've never left home for longer then 2 days. YIKES!!

i love you guys.

okays. so this isnt just text.<3

me and my friend sammantha!!!

the gorgeous sway!!!

me and my best friend dan!! he just moved away so im missing him a lot.

my two best friends

my sisters. me. sammantha. peter.

okays. enough of going through my photobucket. i'll be back dears. and i promise ill get active. <3333

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